Friday, June 20, 2014

Make Me Your Poster Girl

Parenthood: The overwhelming conundrum of finding oneself joyfully loving nose-picking-bum-scratchers who whine, refuse to listen, insist on blaming you for everything, and ceaselessly tell poop jokes.

What a mad combination of emotions is parenthood. I very often stand on the brink of throwing myself on to a reasonably sharp object from a moderately high place (in my most desperate imagination these are a rusty old pitch fork and the rather low peak of my garage, but where I'll find the pitch fork is yet to be determined). Then, in the next instant (alright, who am I trying to kid? It takes me way more than an "instant" to get down from anywhere these days) I am so in love with my family that I'm overwhelmed.

Talk about bi-polar parenting. I should be the poster girl. 

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