Saturday, December 18, 2010

The ABCs of Christmas

Why haven't I been blogging? Christmas. It's all about Christmas. Christmas takes me several months to prepare for. So what, right? Who doesn't take ages to prepare for Christmas (well, my husband for one, but you get what I mean).

The last few years for our family have been different at Christmas. We are doing everything we can to take the focus off gifts and put it on spending time together and creating memories (instead of spending money we don't have and creating debt). So it's my parenting mission, starting late October, to lower expectations, and believe me, it's a full time job. 

 Thus I find myself, 10 days after my 43rd birthday, finally getting to my blog. But sadly my friends, instead of some thorough scouring of some insane moment of my parenting life--like getting my hair cut without informing my 8-year old and his extreme (did I say extreme?!) reaction: he ran away screaming, "You're not my Mom! You're not my Mom!!"; or my 6-year old spying her half-way hidden Christmas present from Santa in the garage and having the mother-of-all-meltdowns when I told her to get her skinny butt in the house, and that what ever she saw (as if I didn't know) wasn't for her to see, damn it, so GET IN THE HOUSE! (really, bad reactionary parenting at it's best)--you are going to get a sample of what I've been filling my time with:

I'm writing and illustrating an alphabet book for my kids and my nieces and nephews. I've been obsessed. I draw, paint, and write poems 22 hours a day (I'm rhyming in my sleep). So I thought I would share. Enjoy: